Allan Milnes is that breed of photographer commonly referred to as a ‘Social-Documentary’ photographer. He follows in the fine tradition of photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Robert Frank and the like, patrolling the streets in search of meaningful images.

Allan has taken photographs in cities throughout the world but he first started his photographic journey in South East Queensland where he lived for many years. It was in the streets of Brisbane where he discovered the magic of light, waiting for unwitting
subjects to pass through shafts of sunlight that penetrated the canyons of tall buildings.
The shadowy figures moving across their own shadows created an eerie surrealistic urban landscape.

Allan’s concerned nature led him to take an interest in photographing political and environmental protests. Who can forget the image of the small bearded man, Allan himself, strolling casually past the cordons of police, cameras slung over his shoulder, during the APEC summit meeting in Sydney.

He is now a world traveler, his camera penetrating the market places of Damascus, Istanbul, Cairo, Seoul and many other places with a courage and candidness rarely seen.
These photographs are not the usual observations of travelers. They are intimate photographs of very special moments captured with a sense of familiarity and with irony.
The best of Allan’s photographs contain a surprising element – a message suggested by a simple unassuming portrait set against a wall of unexpected graffiti.

The ‘Tourist’ series of photographs are very much in this category. Always there is an interaction of his subjects with the attraction they are visiting and often it is slightly
comedic or contradictory. Every photograph reveals a surprise; an ironic twist in the form of a juxtaposition of contradictory elements or a moment of eccentricity caught in the act.

Whatever the moment, wherever the location Allan Milnes photographs will always offer
a unique glimpse of a warm and whimsical world.

Colin Beard
4th August 2009

I have been based In Australia for over 20 Years.
Am experienced Photographer and Printer; equally at home Photographing in a Rural or Urban Environment.
My Passion is Street and Political Photography and in 2007/08 Photographed at all the Major Political Demonstrations In Australia;Including Cheney in Sydney, Peace Convergance, APEC, Stop the War [Sydney] Olympic Torch Protest [Canberra] Climate Camp Australia [Newcastle]. No to the Pope Coalition [Sydney]. In 2008/09/10 Photographed in Japan,South Korea, China, Malaysia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, France, Switzerland,Germany and England.Have had photos published in The Epoch Times, Green Left. ABC News [Aust] Web Site, Demotix News Web Site,
Exhibitions include "Wish You Where Here" with Colin Beard, Gallery 3, Maleny Australia.Solo Exhibitions "Tourists" Gallery Vooks, InsaDong, Seoul South Korea. "Sooks of Syria" Pisa Gallery Tokyo, Japan
Photos used by ABC News [Aust] Web Site Demotix Web Site. Eco Magazine [Aust] The Book "How to Make Trouble and Influence People" by Iain McIntyre.

I am available to cover any Event, Capture a Favourite Scene or that Special Wedding.
One Day Street Photography Courses. Contact Allan milnes. Mobile Aust 0404926772